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In the recent memory, this region has enjoyed great prosperity due to oil. The boom in oil prices has enriched their coffers even more. Even though the price of oil will not hit the $200 mark as predicted any time soon, the overall price rise has been so much that the margins in oil exploration and production will continue to be high. This will continue to help the region prosper for the foreseeable future. While enjoying the advantage of oil wealth, many nations in the region now recognise the need to build stronger economies based on macro economic fundamentals. Structural reform is being undertaken, fuelling growth of capital markets and sustainable financial institutions. Non oil economic activity has grown due to increased government and private investment and general business confidence.

Surplus wealth available in this region has prompted many regional investment funds and family wealth managers to seek good investments abroad. With the current financial crisis throwing up many attractive investment propositions, they are pro-actively looking to participate in these investments. Money managers and private equity investors of the Middle East have also realised the importance of Indian and Chinese economies in the new world economic order and want to diversify their investment portfolio to have a fair representation of these economies. Curve Cap seeks to take advantage of this trend in seeking a presence in the region. With its strong reputation and track record in India, China and Africa, it is well positioned to present good quality investment opportunities to investors in the Middle East. Curvecap is also putting together a unique fund management model for the investors in the region which will bring them closer to the markets in Asia and Africa and provide higher proportion of returns than any other fund structure in the world today.